About us

The Chimerae Hobby Group is an amateurish group of members fond of role-playing games that aims at creating original and new material for role-playing games and board-games, especially those of fantasy genre.

Each creation is realised autonomously and distributed mostly on internet, on the www.chimerae.it site, in PDF files.

Everything is held in the most absolute gamesome and role-playing spirit; very important for us is the wish to give every RPG lover a sort of material that is complete, new, valid and ready for use, that is realised in accordance with very high quality standards and that is freely available on internet.

The Chimerae Hobby Group is animated by the will of promoting the spreading of the role-playing games everywhere, overcoming the limitations imposed by the urgencies of a market that does not care about the role-players’ needs.

Therefore, in the full spirit of the first pioneers of this kind of games, our group wants to propose an ambitious goal, that is to make these games still live against the ruthlessness of the market-logic that wants them to be cynically forgotten.

But these games still exist and this is possible only because there are many RPG lovers that prefer them among the other games.

The Chimerae Hobby Group appeals to them and invites them to make this magnificent hobby, to which we give our humble contribution, prosper.

Please note that almost all our products are in Italian language. This is the list of PDFs currently available in English language:

CHBLW Blackmoor Living World (campaign and adventures)

CHB10 Golem Races

CHF7en Cra Diavolo + 4 scenarios

CHN5en Mad Cthulhu

CHN6en The Truth Is Out There

CHQ5en The Dark Tower

CHS1en The Hill of Shadows